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How to Buy Old Gmail Accounts & Phone Verified Accounts

Gmail accounts are extremely important to many businesses. With them, people can connect with each other for business purposes. They also use these accounts to communicate with their colleagues at work. However, many users have started using new Gmail PVA accounts for business purposes, but old Gmail accounts have more strength and stability that’s why people like to buy old Gmail accounts more than new Gmail accounts.


Before Buying Old Gmail Accounts

Buy Old Gmail Accounts

Before buying any account, you should understand what kind of data is stored on them. Gmail stores personal information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, and many others. It stores information about the communication between users.

It also has a history of every conversation and every email that was exchanged between them. In addition to this, Gmail keeps records about the emails sent and received by the user. All of these details are stored for years.

The good thing about these accounts is that they are completely free of cost. All you need to do is fill out the required details and you will be able to receive the accounts.

Everybody today knows the importance of social media. Nowadays, everyone is encouraged to shop through social media. Awareness of social media online shopping in people is increasing day by day. For this purpose, there is a need to create a page or profile of a social media networking site that reflects your business and brands.

Because your page and profile identify your business and brand. In ordinary business, there is no need for any social media networking site but according to the choice of people, you should turn your business social media platform because many people are turning to online shopping.

People order items they like and need at home and at home, they get those things. Online shopping is better than ordinary shopping because there is no need to travel from one place to another. So for online business, you should need to buy old Gmail accounts.

Google offers a lot of free email services but Gmail is the most advanced and best service which is used for the purpose of sending and receiving emails and also a way to connect with other people, friends, and family. Paul Buchheit is the creator of Gmail and in the beginning, the code name of this project was Caribou. Now it is the advanced era and everyone knows the importance of social media. Today the use of Gmail is increasing because in every department even it is government or private or in business.

It was launched on April 1, 2004, and at the time of launching its capacity for storage of emails, documents and files was 1GB which was enough at that time. But as time went its capacity also increased. Today its capacity is about 25 GB which is much for the storage of emails, documents, and files, and no other email service offers so much capacity.

Buy Old Gmail Accounts



Feature of Gmail

As you know the significance of Gmail, its features are also so important. Its amazing features make it the best service in the world. Here we discuss some important features of Gmail.

1. Storage

When it was launched on April 1, 2004, the storage of Gmail to store the message and files was just 1 GB, but at that time it was also a considered huge capacity. But on the first anniversary of Gmail on April 1, 2005, the product management director for Gmail Georges Harik announce double capacity for the store the emails, documents, and files. When Google drive launch on April 24, 2012, the capacity of Gmail also increases up to 7.5 to 10GB. On May 13, 2013, Google announced the 15 GB data storage for Gmail.

If any company or person wants more data he should pay and about he can get 30 GB data. Here is an important thing is that you can get the message, documents, and files of about 50 MB but send capacity is only 25 MB, and if the file or document is more than 25 MB you can use Google drive to send it into pieces.

2. Smart reply

It a very useful feature of Gmail because sometimes you are in such a situation that you cannot write a reply or remain so busy that you cannot write a reply. Gmail has solved this issue for you because now you can use the smart reply through that you can tell to your email sender your compulsion with the use of A1.

3. Smart Compose

Like a smart reply, this feature also helps you a lot. With the use of A1, you can type your email quickly because through this when you are writing an email then according to your phrases the next word will automatically appear on your screen and you can use it to make the best email phrases.

4. Use Gmail without an internet connection

This feature is very useful for every user. Sometimes due for any reason, you do not have access to an internet connection, and also important to use Gmail, then you can get benefit from the Gmail offline mode. When you on the offline mode, then you can select to capability a number of times able of emails to your account. Through this, you can get access to those emails without an internet connection. One thing that is important here that if you are using chrome then you should visit for offline mode but if you are using Google’s G Suite then your administrative will give you offline mode access. If you want to set this mode on your Gmail then on the upper right corner, then press setting and then press on offline, and can start this amazing and useful feature.

5. Use of expiration date and passcode.

You want to send any secret email and want to remain secret for all others so there no problem because Gmail confidential mode has solved this problem for you. Through this feature, you can manage an expire that of some chosen emails and also set a specific passcode, and also forbids the receiver from forwarding, printing, or downloading the data of those emails. It is important here that if you are the employer of any department then you should need the permission of your administrative for this feature. If you are using a computer and want to use this feature then write an email and press on the icon at the bottom of the body field.

After it, you will be able to select an expiration date, and also you can select that the recipient will receive this email as a text or email-based passcode. If you are using any mobile device then write an email and press on the menu bar which will appear on top of the right corner then there will be appearing some options then click on confidential mode.

6. Unsent an email.

Sometimes in a hurry, you should make a mistake, and then there’s no way to worry about it. Sometimes you can forget to attachment an important file or sometimes you should send an important email to the wrong person then Gmail gives to a short time to unsent that email. When you are using a computer or mobile device and when you send an email to any email address then after a short time you should the notification of sent email then after it there is also a button of undoing. When you press it your email will not send. It is important here that there is a too short time for the cancelation of sending an email. You can set the time of 5, 10, 20, or half a minute in the settings menu.

7. Mark read emails to unread emails.

You remain busy all day and also receive hundreds of emails so it is not possible to read all emails. Gmail introduces an amazing feature that can help you to delete or mark as read your all unread emails. If you are using a computer and want to use this feature choose the button in the Gmail toolbar. Through this you can get different options like all, none, read, unread, starred, etc. So now you can mark any option like mark as read or any other. If you want to mark your unread emails as read, then press the unread option and then press mark as read.

8. Found the sender.

If there are many senders who send you a lot of emails then you can find all emails from any specific sender. For this, you should right-click on the mail and then press on the option “find all email from” which is near on lower of the pop-up menu.

Buy Old Gmail Accounts 

History of Gmail

Paul Buchheit, who was a Google developer, is the launcher of Gmail. After the launching of Hotmail, he explored the idea of web-based email in 1990, while he was a student at that time. The secret code of this project was Caribou. In the beginning, this project was so secret that some of Google’s engineers cannot know about it. Gmail is a service that can use on both a computer and mobile phone device both.

Gmail security

Google always remain updating its security because it is the world’s best website which offers very useful services for users.  In the beginning, it was very slow but as time went the speed of Gmail for sending and receiving emails also increased. Nowadays it is the world’s fastest email service. There is a system in Gmail which automatically scanned emails that are received and send. So due to security reasons, some files cannot be sent through emails.

G Suite

G Suite is software provided by Google for the business sector. Those people who use G suite paid charges for it. This gives a business face to businessmen with their company logo on every page. This manages all the accounts of Google. It also gives them permission to a core set of the app in which some apps include Gmail, sheets, documents, hangouts chat, slides, etc.


You are looking for aged Gmail PVA accounts. This is the right place for you if you are looking for aged Gmail PVA accounts. I will tell you some features of the Gmail account. You could set a theme of your Gmail account and if you go to get the look then click the little gearbox, will come down here to the themes, and will be able to click something you like the most.

Gmail is one of every of the foremost well-liked email services out there straight away, partially for its simplicity. You’ll realize that adding AN email address to your Gmail whitelist demonstrates that tremendous simplicity. To begin, realize a message from the contact you’re seeking to whitelist and click on thereon. On the right, next to the left-pointing arrow icon for “Reply,” you’ll find an icon that’s three dots stacked on top of each other. Click on the dots icon.

In the dropdown menu, you get from that click, you’ll realize a number of choices of what to try to with the contact, as well as interference them (which would blacklist them in your email), and reporting them as spam. For our functions nowadays with whitelisting, choose the choice to “Add [EMAIL/NAME HERE] to Contacts list.” That’s it, you’re done! That contact is currently whitelisted unless you remove them from your contacts.

Buy Gmail Accounts (Verified):

What if you don’t have already had a message in your inbox from somebody you would like to whitelist? Just go to Google Contacts while logged into your email, and click “Create Contact” in the upper left corner. Add the e-mail you would like to whitelist, which email can continuously seem in your inbox currently, and ne’er in your spam.

Whitelisting is that the opposite of blacklisting; once you blacklist Associate in the Nursing email address, you’re the language you ne’er need to induce messages from them, notwithstanding what. When you whitelist Associate in the Nursing email address, you’re language any message from this contact, even ones which may trip the spam filter ought to be obtainable to browse in your inbox when they come in.

History of G Suite 

It is used for heavy computing, determining, software, and product development. It was launched on August 28, 2006, as a Google app. It is designed only for business purposes and if anyone wants to use the G suite he will be charged.

Difference between Gmail and G Suite

Both these services are provided by Google. Gmail can be used for both personal and business purposes but the G suite is specially designed for the business sector.  With the advent of Gmail, Google felt the need to create a separate platform for business. Gmail is fully free of cost but the G suite is paid version. In Gmail, the access right is owned by that use that has its password but in G suite all the rights are reserved by business administration. You cannot make a group in Gmail for sending the emails but in G suite you can make a group and send them emails with a single click.

PVA accounts.

PVA accounts are those accounts that are verified by phone numbers. These accounts are very secure and if any issue occurs it can be solved by phone number.

The difference between PVA and non-PVA accounts.

PVA accounts are phone verified accounts and non-PVA accounts are those accounts in which there is no need to verify. PVA accounts are best rather than others because these accounts are more secure and have a long life than others. If the PVA account disables, it can be recovered but it is impossible to recover the non-PVA accounts. Most of the business industries buy PVA accounts for their business.

The difference between new and old accounts

The new accounts are those accounts that are created at that time but old accounts are created before some time age. The duration of the old accounts is about 3 to 6 months ago. These accounts are also secure rather than new accounts. The new accounts could be disabled at that time but old Gmail accounts are safe and secure.

aged Gmail PVA accounts



Buy old Gmail accounts.

If you want to run your business with social networking then you should necessarily buy old Gmail accounts. Because these accounts are more secure than new Gmail accounts. If you are using new accounts, maybe it creates some problems. So always the choice to buy old Gmail accounts for your business.

Buy phone verified Gmail old account.

As you know that for business purposes it is necessary for you to buy a phone verified Gmail old account because these accounts are more secure. Phone verified accounts are mostly used for business growth. If you are looking for a company through that you can buy phone verified old accounts, then our company should be your first choice.

Benefits from us

Most of the social business industries buy phone verified Gmail old accounts from us due to our best services. Our company has a trusted name in social media marketing. You can buy all types of accounts like old and new, phone number verified accounts and non-PVA accounts from our company.  We delivered your consignment in just 12 to 24 hours. We give 3 days’ guarantee of our accounts. You can change the username and password of the account which we delivered. We give a 100% money-back guarantee if any problem. We accept all international payment methods.

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Can I buy Gmail Accounts in bulk from you?

Yes, you can purchase bulk Gmail accounts. All of our accounts are unique, individually verified, and they satisfy the features of quality Gmail accounts.

What if I need more accounts than your services?

If you need more accounts than our services, please feel free to contact us. You will get how many you want.

Do you have guaranteed Gmail accounts for sale?

Yes, our accounts are guaranteed.

Do you provide customer support?

Yes, we do provide lifetime customer support for our services. If any time you face any problem with our services, let us know we will fix them.

Is your account’s country verified?

All of our accounts are country verified, and the countries vary on customers’ location. But, if you need verification from another country, let us know, we will do what you want.

What other Google services do you provide?

Check our Google services page.