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Instagram, the leading photo-sharing platform, boasts over a billion users worldwide. With its ever-increasing popularity, it has become essential for the platform to ensure genuine user engagement and security. Enter PVA, or Phone Verified Accounts.
These Instagram PVA Accounts add an extra layer of authenticity and security to user profiles. But what exactly are they, and why might they be crucial?

What is an Instagram PVA Accounts (Phone Verified Account)?

A Phone Verified Account (PVA) is essentially an account that has been signed up with a phone number, and then verified by the user receiving a code on that number and entering it into the platform. This verification process confirms that the user isn’t a bot or using fake credentials.

The Importance of Instagram PVA Accounts

• Increased Security: Instagram PVA accounts provide a more secure environment for users. With the added verification layer, it’s harder for bots or malicious users to create multiple fake accounts or impersonate someone.
• Genuine Engagement: With reduced fake profiles, engagement metrics such as likes, shares, and comments become more genuine, which is vital for brands and influencers.
• Recovery: If you forget your password or get locked out of your account, having a phone number linked can facilitate a swift recovery process.

How to Set Up an Instagram PVA

• Sign Up with Phone Number: Instead of using an email address, use a phone number when creating a new Instagram PVA Accounts.
• Receive and Enter the Code: Instagram will send a verification code to the given phone number. Input this code when prompted to verify your account.
• For Existing Users: If you’ve already set up your account with an email, you can still add phone verification by going to ‘Settings’, then ‘Account’, followed by ‘Phone’.

Considerations and Concerns

• Privacy: Some users might be hesitant to link their personal phone number due to privacy concerns. However, Instagram has strict privacy policies in place, ensuring that your number isn’t publicly displayed.
• Changes in Phone Number: If you change your phone number, remember to update it on Instagram to avoid access issues.
• Multiple Accounts: Instagram allows users to have multiple accounts. If you have more than one account, consider using different phone numbers for verification or understand that you’ll receive codes for multiple accounts on one number.

Rise of Automation and Bots on Instagram

In recent years, Instagram has experienced a surge in automation tools and bots. These can automatically like, comment, follow, or unfollow users to artificially inflate account metrics. Instagram PVA Accounts serves as a deterrent, making it challenging for such bots to operate on a mass scale. By requiring phone verification, Instagram makes it significantly more time-consuming and costly for individuals to set up large numbers of accounts.

The Role of PVA in Influencer Authenticity

For brands collaborating with influencers, the authenticity of engagement metrics is paramount. A PVA badge can act as a sign of credibility. Brands can be more confident that the influencer’s followers and engagement statistics are genuine, leading to more fruitful collaborations.

Backup and Two-Factor Authentication

Besides serving as a primary verification method, phone numbers linked with Instagram PVA Accounts can also act as a backup for account recovery. Users can also enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for additional security, where a code sent to the registered phone number must be entered along with the password to access the account.

PVA and the Fight Against Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a severe concern on social media platforms, including Instagram. By implementing phone verification, Instagram can better track and deter potential bullies or malicious users, making the platform safer. It can also be a means to prevent banned or blocked users from immediately returning with a new Instagram PVA Accounts.
With the continued evolution of social media platforms and their increasing influence on our daily lives, security and authenticity have never been more critical. Instagram’s PVA system is just one of many steps the platform is taking to ensure a safer and more genuine user experience.


In conclusion, Instagram PVA accounts are a step towards a more secure and genuine social media landscape. While it might seem like an additional step in the setup process, the benefits, especially concerning account security and recovery, make it worth the effort.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an Instagram PVA account?

An Instagram PVA accounts stands for “Phone Verified Account.” It means the account has been verified using a phone number, adding an extra layer of security and authenticity to the account.

Why is phone verification important for Instagram?

Phone verification deters fake account creation, bot activity, and helps in combatting spam. It also aids in account recovery and offers an option for two-factor authentication, enhancing account security.

Can I use my Instagram account without phone verification?

Yes, you can use Instagram without phone verification. However, certain features or activities might prompt you to verify your Instagram PVA Accounts for security reasons.

How often do I need to verify my phone number on Instagram?

Typically, once you’ve verified your phone number with Instagram, you shouldn’t need to do it again. However, if you change your phone number or there are suspicions of unauthorized activity, you might be prompted to verify again.

Does phone verification on Instagram mean my account is public?

No, verifying your phone number does not automatically make your account public. Your privacy settings remain as you’ve set them. The verification only adds an additional layer of security to your Instagram PVA Accounts.

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