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Buy Google Voice Number

Buy Google voice number

Google voice is an internet telephony service in Google that allows free worldwide pc to pc voice calls, and video enables calls as well as PC to phone calls within some areas. It is also designed to increase the capability of an existing phone line by providing some good features to them as online voice mail, the ability to send and receive text messages, option for delivering text messages or email messages.

Buy Google voice number works as a communication channel that provides a free phone number through which several phones can ring. Give out your phone number to people to connecting with you. This Google Voice gives you a phone number known as a Google voice number. Google Voice number means a number given to Google users via those number, users can receive calls from their various phones.


Introduction to Google Voice Number

Google Voice account online users can customize their account so that when someone calls on a Google voice phone number than; it can ring on all of their phones, or just on certain phones that a user is mostly used for business calls but also use by common individuals. In simple words, it is an internet-based technology that gives one voice number to your contacts and forwards it to multiple phones.

Google Voice account can also screen calls, block number, and apply rules for each caller, when someone receives a voice mail message, Google voice transcribe it and send them an email or text message alert. If you buy the old version of Google voice account, then it will be best for your business.

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How does Google Voice Number work?

Buying Google Voice account in bulks is simple in how it works and how its users can set it up. The service works over a broad connection so that you can connect to your home or office network; i will work just fine. It handles calls by linking with the traditional landline telephone system and the mobile network to deal with the calls.

Buy Google voice number

It works in this way: Any call initiated through Google Voice necessarily has to pass through the traditional landline phone system. However, the traditional system doesn’t do all the work. The call is then transferred to the Google space on the internet, where the numbers are pooled.

It can be Say, that the call is directed to another Google Voice number. That number is identified within Google voice numbers, and from there, the call is sent to its final place.

The main aim of buying Google Voice account in bulks is to unify communication channels. You can easily switch carriers without having to change the phone number; one number can ring any phone through any receiver. If your physical phone number changes, you need to change that number to which your calls are routed, it’s very easy to do.

Benefits to Buy Google Voice Number

You will enjoy many benefits by buying Google voice number as you only need to buy Google voice number once then you will get many benefits

  • Free conference calls and transcribes voice mail
  • You can use it free of cost
  • It is versatile
  • You can receive a call anywhere, even at home or traveling abroad.
  • You can record incoming calls
  • It will give you low price international calling
  • You will get email and SMS notification
  • It also allows you to screen calls
  • You can manage high call volume by it

Where to Buy Google Voice Number

There are many sites in the world from where you can buy bulks of Google voice number; they will also give many benefits to you in a very reasonable price as you can buy best PVA bulk account from many websites on the Google, you can buy it through visiting sites as buy Google voice account number. You can buy

  • Bronze Google Voice Accounts

In this account, you can get 10 Google voice accounts for only $20 with your phone verified accounts.

  • Silver Google Voice Account

You can get 50 Google voice accounts for only $90 with your phone verified accounts.

  • Gold Google voice accounts

You can get 100 Google voice accounts for only $200 with the user’s phone verified accounts.

  • Platinum Google voice accounts

In the Platinum category, you can get 300 Google voice accounts for only $550 with phone verified accounts.

How to buy Google Voice Number

It will only take a few minutes and requires you to fill out some basic information. By following these steps, you can buy a Google voice account.

  1. Google Voice Site

This step is pretty straightforward. Once you are logged in to your Google account, head to Google voice .com

  1. Browse Available Area Codes

On your screen, Google will ask you to enter an area code. If your device could not find your location, Google will automatically show a few suggested area codes for you to choose from. Google allows you to choose any of your area code. For example, if you live in Chicago, IL, but do business primarily in Charlotte, NC, it might be a good idea to select a Charlotte-based area code.

      3. Choose a Google Voice Number

In this step you have to choose a number, when you find a phone number that suits you, simply click on the select button.

      4. Verify Your Existing Phone Number

The last step is to verify your Google Voice account creates with your actual phone number. This is an internet-based service; it proved that it couldn’t create a phone number for you in the way a mobile provider can.

Click the verify button in green to proceed. Then you will be prompted to put your existing phone number. That number will be linked to your Google Voice Account and receive inbound calls to your Google Voice number, so sure to select one that you use often.

After putting your phone number, click Send code. This will send you a code via text message, which you will enter on the next screen. Once you enter the code, you received and clicked on verify. You are done. In this same way, you can buy bulk Google voice accounts.

Feature to buy Google Voice Number

  • Get Free Number

You are free to choose your favorite number by entering the zip and the area code while you register for a buy Google voice account. When it starts, Google’s voice provides a free virtual number to its users that they can use for business and personal contact numbers. All your call redirected to the mobile number. You have an option to use this number for any device.

  • Can Record Conversation

It offers you to record any call by pressing four during a call and press four again to stop the recording. When you pressed the number, Google will say, this conversation is now being recorded. This call save in aMP3 format, you can access it later or download it. It only records incoming calls.

  • Voice Mail With Transcription

It can transcribe your voice mail into a readable text and keep it safe in your google voice account. Simply it offers a text transcription each time when you will receive a call on voicemail. You can check it on your email and access it through a web interface.

  • Block Others

You can block the spam calls and text messages automatically. You can block calls from any specific number, the caller will receive your number, not in access. In this way, you can save your time avoiding calls of telemarketers and debt collectors.

  • Call Forwarding Rules

You have set some rules priorities before forwarding your call to a single number. As allow it to forward your call to your office phone, home phone, work phone, and then cell phone if you don’t answer any of them.

  • Receive Calls on Multiple Numbers

With this account, you can set multiple numbers to receive your calls. When somebody dial this number, all the devices with the same number will ring at the same time.

  • Local Area Code

When you buy a Google voice account online, you have the option to select your phone number from a list provided by Google. Not all area codes are always available. You have the option to choose an area code that is localized to your main service or prospecting areas. Familiar and local phone number increases the chance that others will pick up your calls easily by avoiding the long-distance issues.

  • Call Screening and Privacy

Google Voice gives you options for protecting your privacy by creating a separate phone number. You can display this phone number online to promote service or client calls without worrying about exposing your contact numbers.

  • 24 Hours Availability

You can make conversation with others at any time, is it a day or night you can call others or receive others calls without having any difficulty.

  • Use it for Verification

Like your phone number, you can use your Google voice number to verify your social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and many other apps like this.

  • Use the Phone Apps

Buy Google voice number

You can use Google Voice number as your outgoing phone number on your mobile phone, so when you call anyone, they will see your Google Voice number in their caller ID.

  •  Free Text

It also offers free texting. You can send and receive texts in your browser from the Google Voice website or Google Voice Chrome extension; you can text for free from your phone without any unofficial apps. can also archive your texts; i will not lose your texts when you reset your phone.

  • Customer Services

It provides a forum to their customers to share their issues, and it also has a Google product expert program where users can ask a question about their problems.

  • Select Way to Get Notification

Scroll down to and tap on Message or Missed call notifications. There are a variety of options you have; the choices are the same in both. Options include:

  • Toggle your notifications on and off.
  • Ask You to Display your notifications in the status bar or not.
  • Choose a ringtone for a notification

Is It Free to Use?

Buy Google Voice number is not a complete alternative to the cell phone service. However, you have to pay your phone or wireless carrier to make Google Voice calls (since it has to connect to your phone to be used), it is still 100% free, which means that you never need to pay anything Extra to use Google Voice number.

Google Voice allows you to save money, though it

  • You can make free local calls and overseas calls to any number within some specific regions
  • You can make cheap calls to any international number.
  • It offers you to send free SMS so you can send a text through your Google number without paying.

Is Google Voice Secure?

To Buy Google voice number is convenient. The benefits of using Google Voice in terms of privacy are the ability to hide your physical location to others. You can choose to have a phone number in any area code, no matter where your physical service is based. This puts the impression that you are either calling from that number or someone is calling you in that area code. Another security is the unlisted number.Buy Google voice number

Because it is free for the most basic services, because all of its users put an anonymous Gmail address to get Google Voice number, there is no record of your actual identity. You can even forward your call to any phone, even a phone that is not registered in your name. These are just a few of the privacy disadvantages available through Google Voice.

As Google voice shows your fake location, as same it shows others fake location, sometimes hackers can hack your account easily, but you never need to worry about it because if you fill all the terms policy with care, then you will legally save your account.


You can buy bulks of Google voice account at a very affordable price as from any legal and safe site, and it is very important for a business owner to buy bulks of Google voice number to promote their business and for even for the common individual to make conversation with their family, friends or with their community.